Pretty Blue(berry)

People have always wanted to put these in something throughout my life so I have never liked them. It wasn’t until I was visting my sister Eve oh about 2 or 3 years ago where she brought out to her living room a bowl of them by themselves and asked me if I liked them and I said “no way” and then I proceeded to try them. Unfettered with anything else; just raw, naked and pure in there natural state…so here they are getting ready to be consumed by me…just the same way. I purchased 2 pounds of them at the market this morning and I am here to tell ya…I LOVE THEM…in there natural state….


One thought on “Pretty Blue(berry)

  1. My favorite plant is a blueberry bush. If I could choose plants for a backyard, I'd have at least four blueberry bushes and an apricot tree. In a really big garden, I'd also grow a cherry tree. I'd have dark green leafy bushes growing between the blueberry plants and maybe some pansies or other pretty flowers growing around. And maybe a section for butternut squashes or zucchini. Wouldn't it be wonderful to grow such a colorful, fruitful garden? Linda Helene

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