Just One Single Building

Since the day I landed in Seattle I have always thought this was a beautiful building. I am sure it has a name however I am not sure of it? I just think it is so beautiful. I love the color, shape and size of it and I for some reason turned my camera sideways on Thursday August 27th when I was scoping life out downtown and here it is…standing alone and proud!!!!


2 thoughts on “Just One Single Building

  1. this is truely a great piece of architecture and come on lisa pluck up the courage (or be as cheeky as me) and walk into there and ask them what the name of the building is 😉

  2. It's not a matter of courage…when I took this picture I was actually almost 3 blocks away on the 4th floor of a building waiting for a meeting to start and for a good friend of mine to get an award from the City of Seattle so this has been 'archived' in my photos for awhile…didn't think of it until the other day…so no…it's not courage it is just about going back down there and asking now!!!

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