Ahhhh Freedom…

It is certainly true that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ I know people who would call this messing up a building, and others who would call this art…anyone that KNOWS me knows where I stand on the subject…and ain’t it pretty!!! And who ever did this..is certainly caged…caged by the system…caged by them own selves…not thinking they can escape the confines of there own mind…but I bet at the same time what they have done to the side of that building is the very thing that does free them..if only for the moment…check it out…

Wednesday October 21, 2009


3 thoughts on “Ahhhh Freedom…

  1. I have mixed feelings about graffiti. I don't think people should paint on other people's property (unless they have permission), but good graffiti can be so pretty. To do it well it has to take a lot of talent.

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