My Surgery

Last Friday the 30th of October I had surgery. And today I am still in what feels like truck loads of pain. I am sitting here typing at the computer in the hopes to shut off the brain just a little. I have had my sister Eve here all week-end (since 11am yesterday) and Lord I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am that you brought her into my life, that you knew that we would need each other for a variety of reasons 15+ years ago and that our relationship, SOLELY BECAUSE OF YOU, has turned out like it has. I am so grateful that I trust her with my physical as well as my emotional self..she is the ONLY person on the planet that I do…now!! Lord I know that this pain is ‘healing’ pain but really Lord I haven’t been doing anything that I am not suppose to be doing…except I haven’t been laying down because it feels like it hurts WORSE when I lay down…i suppose since i am sitting here crying i had better see about taking a pain pill which by the way, i am taking as prescribed!!! Anyway…you and I Lord we made it through and now hopefully the symptoms i was having before i won’t be having anymore…i love you soo much Lord and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! It is still real hard to swallow anything but water and i am just going to take it easy…my mind thinks i should be downstairs in the office already and I AM NOT GOING TO DO THAT…period!!!!! I need to continue to heal my body!!!! I am attaching the latest picture of my sister Eve it was taken on June 14th of this year..her birthday ;=o) Thank you all who have been praying and PLEASE KEEP DOING SO!!! Love and blessings!!!!


4 thoughts on “My Surgery

  1. Lisa,I'm sorry you're in pain, but glad your surgery went well. I had wondered about you the last few days since you hadn't been posting (I didn't know you were going to have surgery) and I'm glad to know you're doing okay. What a wonderful blessing that you have someone like Eve in your life, who you can trust and rely on. That's so great!Praying you will have a peaceful and quick recovery. :)With love,Tea

  2. …also glad that you are safely through the surgery, and I'm hoping for a quick recovery. What would any of us do without those we love around us to help us pull through the hard times?! I'm glad you have your sister there.

  3. Beloved Sister I, too, am grateful not only for who you are to me, but the opportunity to be authentically commited to remaining your sister AND friend and allowing God to use me to help you in your time of need. You have been there for me when I felt there was no hope left, in so many situations, and you have always prayerfully obeyed God in your responses and love.You are a beautiful gift from our Father perfectly picked for me.

  4. Darling Lisa,You're loved by many as you deserve to be. Everyone who knows you would gladly relieve your pain with love, if only we possessed that great gift. Know that you are not alone. Love,Linda

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