Missed 8 Things Thursday…Twice

I am sorry faithful followers I have missed the last two ‘8 Things Thursday’ last Thursday it was because I was having surgery and this Thursday I was at the Doctor thinking they were going to have to fix me at the surgery point some how. Thank God they didn’t have to…because I have never had surgery before I didn’t know that the changes that my body has been going through in the last week are just that..changes after a surgery. I am deeply sorry for not maintaining 8 Things Thursday however the good news is…I will resume that again next Thursday…thank you to all for your well wishes and prayers and kind thoughts during this transition time for me. I seem to have had a mind transition as well and I am sure it will be incorporated in my blog in the coming days. I am sending all of you my deepest, heartfelt thoughts of Love and Blessings and will be back on again real soon to catch up on your blogs as well ;=o)


One thought on “Missed 8 Things Thursday…Twice

  1. My dearest sister,I hope you get the relief from these physical issues once and for all, at least a reprieve of some sort!!! You are in my prayers and I love you.

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