My Screenplay

Well it seems like there is quite a challenge for me in just getting out the ‘essence’ of who my characters are for my screenplay. You would think that it would be quite easy considering that most if not all of the characters in this production are going to be my family…it is interesting the dynamic that is going on…I am writing and putting labels that I know now on them like denial alcoholic etc when I knew none of this as a 7 year old little girl. All I knew is that mom was always gone and dad drank a lot!!!! So I am having to transpose myself back in time and leave the adult mind and get back into her essence and remember….and that is really okay the hard part for me is coming back!!! Hmmmmmm and not having the child be ‘in control’emotionally; it takes a lot of time for me to remember that I am an adult now, God loves me and He is in control etc., etc., etc. So this is what is occupying most of my mind lately…trying to present the REAL story as I felt it and lived it because it is, after all, MY story, and not trying to make sure someone else would agree with it but just trying to write it down as God and my heart remember it…I am grateful for this process…grateful that I know that GOD IS LARGE AND IN CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “My Screenplay

  1. Going back into the past is no good for me. It usually makes things worse instead of better. I try to keep my mind in the here and now as much as possible. But I know we're each different and we all have our own ways of healing and I pray that God leads you as you go Lisa. Writing a screenplay has to be a big job! I hope it goes well for you. 🙂

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