T G I Friday’s

Ahhhh Good (Early) Morning my sweet Friends! Hope this is finding everyone well, peace filled and anticipating celebrating the birth of Jesus and loving the people they are around great loads in the coming week. In great anticipation of my upcoming train ride this morning that is the way my T G I Friday will go.

TRUSTING I am placing my trust in God Almighty that I will get where He wants me to get to when He wants me to get there.

GRATEFUL I am so grateful that ten years ago this year my nanny experience ended soo poorly in Madison, New Jersey that I ended up taking the Amtrak train from Grand Central Station all the way to Portland, Oregon and that is when I fell in love with the slow, romantical way of travel the train affords a person to travel!

INSPIRED I am inspired today by my sister Eve! She has had some intense life stuff come down with her teenage daughter this week and she has handled it in the most mature, godly manner of anyone I have ever seen! I am proud of you honey! It inspires me to continue to seek God in all that I do! Thank you so much sis for being such an inspiration to me to follow God!

FAVORITE My favorite thing today would have to be my screenplay. I only say that because I am going to be on the train at least 6 hours and it is going to be my companion for the trip. I ought to get a LOT written today!!

Thank you sooo much Lord for another opportunity to go ‘the back way’ through Your country and for the opportunity to meet people from all across the world on the train this morning! I am so thankful for this blessing. In your precious and holy name I pray!! Amen!


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