Goodbye to another decade; Goodbye 2009!

As the year truly does come to a close I would like to share this with you. It comes to me from (IN)Courage (there is a badge on your right) and I wanted to share it…
What was the single best that that happened this year? Some of these are tough because there isn’t only one answer but…Meeting Troy Unke!
Most Challenging thing? Continuing to process night terrors and family stuff almost daily!
An unexpected joy? Meeting Tyler Roush
Unexpected Obstacle? Falling in love for the first time ever in my life!
3 words to describe 2009?
Love and
Best Books I read in ’09? The only one I recall right now is The Secret Life of Bees
Whom were my most valuable relationships?
Charles and
My biggest personal challenge this year? To know I am a good photographer and painter AND that my work is “beautiful!”
How did I grow emotionally? I am letting go; letting family stuff be their stuff more and more everyday!
How did I grow spiritually? Trusting God more everyday with my emotional nature instead of blaming Him for it!
How did I grow physically? I ate better on an average this year and I walked wayy more!
How did I grow in my relationships with others? I have been ‘deepening’ emotionally in my relationships! I have also confided with strangers about my stuff. Generally a much more deeper level of sharing.
Most enjoyable area of home management? Doing my painting I have an art table in my front room and it is a pleasure keeping it organized.
My most challenging area of home management? Keeping the clutter under control!
Single biggest time waster in my life this year was too much time in front of my computer!
My best use of time this last year was actually writing on screenplay a little bit everyday painting and learning how to take black and white photos and just become a better photographer in general and that has happened for me simply by ‘doing’!
The biggest thing I learned this past year is a). That I can have feelings similar to falling in love and/or actually fall in love and b). I learned about the necessity of the creative process for me…that it is VITAL!!!

There ya go…just some thoughts I pondered at the close of this decade…this 2009 year! Thank you God for drawing near to me every single time I asked and for loving me even when I turned away from you and didn’t feel loving feelings toward you!1 Now let’s ‘rock it’ into 2010!!!! May God be with each of you every day of the new year in an unmistakable way!!! Love you all!!!!


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