This picture was taken Wednesday January 6th, 2010 at 2:42pm. It seems to hugely symbolize where I am in my sexual abuse stuff right now. Can any of you relate at all to this picture at any point in your life? Care to share when and/or how? I really love it when you leave your footprints on my blog (comments) it is nice to have little pieces of your history left because I feel like I know you when you do! Thanks so much and I hope and pray ya’ll have a GREAT week. Mine gets to start out doing something very, very scary! I get to start out as a real live reporter; I am going to a rally and a march tomorrow as a reporter for a paper called The Voice and I am going to be interviewing people and taking pictures of the march and I am a tad bit terrified however I am going to show up and do it to the best of my ability!! My editor told me last week he “has complete faith in my abilities” which that very thing alone terrifies me and makes me want to never, ever show up and run the other way!!! However I have to PROVE TO MYSELF that I can do this so…MLK march and rally tomorrow..I will get back to ya’ll with pictures and maybe even my 250 word article!!! God knows what GOD is doing, that’s hard to believe when you are on shaky faith but…gotta hang on to something and God is better than just any ‘ole one. PEACE OUT!!!!!


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  1. Interviewing others sounds like so much fun!!! And I am just like you, I love when others leave their footprints (comments) on my blog. I hope you have a fun filled day!

  2. I like how you described comments on your blog as footprints. It lets you know someone was there. I pray that God will help you at your event today. That sounds exciting! Blessings,Tammy

  3. I like this picture, Lisa! I hope things went well yesterday. It's always scary starting something new, but I'm sure you will do well. Good for you for taking the leap of faith and giving it a try!!:)

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