Marting Luther King Jr. March

Yesterday had to have been one of the most fantastic days EVER of my whole life. I remember wanting to participate in a Dr. King march when I was little. I picked up on that vibe when I was little. My blood sister, Michele, was 7 years older than me (I think hee, hee) so she was 11 when Dr. King had his last march and I can just recall the excitement of that time. So to be able to participate in a rally and march yesterday that I was also a real life reporter at was nothing short of phenomenal for this kid. I sent an inquire to my editor as to how many photos he wanted for the article because there was one that I didn’t know if he could use or not because of a child in the photo and I really wanted it to be used. So he sent this email to my inbox this morning. “The photos look incredible, especially the first shot you sent, of the woman. I can probably run it as a smaller photo and be OK with having the kid in the picture. I agree, a photo that good has to run.” I never said I wanted the photo to run, only that I really wanted it to be used. So this morning when I got up, my editor put an email in my inbox that used words like ‘incredible’ and a photo this good has to run’. I was literally blown away. To tears as a matter of fact. I had to look up the word incredible because it is one of those words I often use but wanted to make sure I really knew what it meant because here is this man who has gone to school for journalism who is telling me, me of all people, that my photos are “incredible’ and too good not to run!

Incredible~ So extraordinary as to seem impossible
Not credible; hard to believable; unbelievable.

So having that information I did the next logical thing…looked up extraordinary. Just because I wanted to make sure I was understanding what my editor was really trying to say to me…this is the real deal for me people. He has no reason other than these pictures are incredible to be telling me these pictures are incredible so I want to find out what these words mean so it can be blazed in my soul that ‘yea I am good!’

Extraordinary~ Beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular or established
exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree, etc. noteworthy, remarkable.

So there it was, in black and white (or type rather) someone really believes that I not only take ‘good’ pictures but that they are ‘incredible’ which means “so extraordinary as to seem impossible”! I was sharing the email with my sister Eve and she reminded me that this compliment came from a professional who wanted nothing from me other than to let me know that I gave him incredible work. I wanted, and still do, to scream it from the rooftops to everyone who has ever called me “a no-good-for nothing lazy son of * fat slob who will amount to nothing” that I took pictures yesterday that an editor of a real paper said were INCREDIBLE….that is what yesterday had going on for it….I AM NOT, NOR WAS I EVER A NO GOOD FOR NOTHING ETC, ETC, ETC…. Today not only am a DAUGHTER OF THE MOST HIGH GOD….I ALSO AM AN INCREDIBLE PHOTOGRAPHER….I hope you enjoy some of the incredible pictures I took yesterday and the days to come!!!!


One thought on “Marting Luther King Jr. March

  1. Oh Lisa! I am so, so happy for you!! You did a wonderful job! The pictures do look great and I am so glad you got to hear those amazing words of affirmation from a real editor!! That is wonderful!! :)Thank you Lord!!!

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