Saturday January 23, 2010

I was sent an invite to a book release party at a place called the Victory Lounge..ought to have been a tip off right there right? Walk in and wooosh might as well have been 23 years ago..I was meeting a friend of mine and I got to meet a friend of hers as well but the vibe in the ‘lounge’ was cool to start out with. I was handed the book which was called “Living In Liberation: Boundary Setting, Self Care and Social Change!” WOW right?
So my friend that I was meeting there after I said my hellos handed me a copy and I begin perusing only to be interrupted by the ever increasing number of people that are squeezing themselves into the Lounge by this time. I mean it is Saturday at 9 o’clock right? This book, from what I can tell is amazing.
The next thing I know my ears are assaulted from what sounds like horrific vulgarity from a gentleman that I guess was introduced as a poet (that is truly a very loose term) but he says a line that echoes loudly in my head like a rock hitting an empty barel. “I can’t be anyone’s only hope. I’m not that strong enough.” And then his voice became muffled again and I didn’t here anything again really until it was Cristien’s and man alive did she write some stuff to share with us…not about her book…just stuff…
Her one writing had me in a crowded lounge/bar surrounded by people shoving and pushing and touching my butt sobbing. She connected with my soul in an environment where I had no soul in the past…here I was 23 years later with a soul, sobbing because her voice was so real, raw and necessary to my very existence. She said “To all the painters, photographers, writers, construction workers, keep doing it because we need you. No matter how you are creative we need you”, that is out of context but that is what I heard her say…for that moment God’s voice broke through and the whole reason for me going tonite was to hear her say that. Total validation for where I am at and what I am doing…and she said it soo good…so I must pursue healing; letting God heal my heart..I must no matter how much it hurts or how long it takes I must keep painting and taking pictures…the world needs creativity!


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