I am So Ready For Spring

I think maybe I am more ready for Springtime in my soul than I am out of doors. This has been the warmest January in recorded history up here in Seattle so it is not necessarily springtime outside that I am anticipating I am wanting to rush the healing/restoration process in my soul. Today is my mom’s birthday and I called and spent almost 45 minutes talking to her about everyone else in the family and she even put me on speaker (which is a new thing for them) so I could “here my father” and I wanted to say “YUCK” very loudly yet said nothing. Yep….45 minutes talking about almost every single member of my family and it came down to “good bye I love you” and I hung up and thought…’she didn’t ask me one single question about my life or what is going on with me’…
I did, in the course of the conversation, manage to set a boundary with her and not discuss the older brother, Jeff, because for the last two conversations we have had I have not deflected that bullet and ended up in a full-blown rage and my mother asking me to “simmer down” in her “I don’t know why you are getting so upset” voice; even though she is the one that starts the conversation. Ahhhh I see a couple of you are nodding your heads up and down like you understand EXACTLY what I am talking about…right ladies? And today solely by God’s grace, I did manage to set a boundary that did NOT involve hanging up the phone…I just told her I called to love on her and honor her because it was her day. Granted I had to set this boundary with her twice in a calm voice (which is a miracle for me..thank you JESUS) before she changed the subject and talked about my other brother!!!
So that is how February got started this year…not much different than the last 27 years I have called my mother on her birthday…i sure wish i felt more grown up…wish i didn’t feel like i needed or wanted a mom so much!!!!! I wish I could call my parents and tell them that I was an actual reporter for an actual paper and that MY article made front page and actually have them care….they simply don’t care…ABUSERS DON’T GIVE A **** THAT YOUR ARTICLE MADE FRONT PAGE AND THAT TWO OF YOUR ‘INCREDIBLE’ PHOTOGRAPHS ARE IN THE ARTICLE in a REAL LIFE NEWSPAPER THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY READ….ABUSERS DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT…..and neither do my parents….Oh yea, THEY ARE THE ABUSERS…


3 thoughts on “I am So Ready For Spring

  1. Dear one I am sorry for the neglect of your parents! You are so welcomed among us blogger friends you have found here! Glad you were able to establish a boundary in the course of your conversation with your mum. Hugs to you Lisa. ((((Lisa))))

  2. I'm so sorry, Lisa. So sorry that you're hurting.It is wonderful that your article and pictures were on the front page! I know your parents are hurtful, but God is cheering you on. You are so special, Lisa. I'm sorry you're not treated the way you should be. I wish I had better words…Love to you.

  3. I sure do wish I was feeling those warm temperatures here in NC like you are in Seattle! It's done nothing but snow here the past week! Ugh!And yes, I was nodding right along with your post. Your mom sounds just like my grandmother. Always finding ways to make me feel guilty about what has happened to me by simple comments such as "simmer down". My heart goes out to you dear one.I'm very proud of your accomplishments!!! Would love to see your articles myself. Hugs to you,Rhonda

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