"You’re So Sensitive"

How many times I have been told that with dripping ickyness that makes even a dead persons head spin 180 degrees…ahhh I know there is at least one person that is reading this who is shaking there head in an up and down motion and saying to themselves ‘isn’t that the truth’
Today one of the facilitators of one of the teams I attend told me that she said ‘I am too’ I said ‘I hate that about me’ and she said in her gentle, quiet way, ‘don’t hate it, it’s what makes you good at what you do!’ and i have not thought about that since right now as i am sitting here typing…’it’s what makes me good at what i do’ and i asked her ‘what do i do?’ and she proceeded to tell me that ‘you are a dynamic leader, you write and speak very persuasively and you are incredible’…that is quite an endorsement from someone who was always led to believe that being sensitive was a bad, bad thing.
Lord i really need your help…i don’t know what it’s going to take to get me there…i have people all around me telling me how wonderful my ‘stuff’ is and how much of a leader i am and how good i am at it and yet i still stay stuck and am having such a hard time stepping into those shoes..why? WHY? i have an open heart would you please show me what is stopping me from walking into the gifts YOU have laid at my feet since before i was born? And Lord, please don’t let me email My Editor and tell him i am done…i am soo close to something really good…learning soo much from him…and i wanna mess it all up because i am overwhelmed with how good others think i am…sheesh doesn’t make much sense does it…but that is where my head is…i love you Lord and i wish i could feel your arms around me tonite…it has been a day…thank you for loving me and SHOWING ME you love me..your little girl…Lisa Ann


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