1st Thursday of March

Yep it’s true another Thursday already…

1. Having difficulty with quieting my mind.

2. Wondering about someone else’s choices yet too paralyzed with fear to ask.

3. Really questioning God…not His existence but mine.

4. Thinking about how come I don’t matter to anyone in my immediate family.

5. Struggling with thoughts of love-ability when own family doesn’t.

6. Knowing I need to be vulnerable with ‘T’ yet not having a clue how..or when…?

7. Grateful God loves me and that I know there is a God today!!!

8. Grateful I can MAKE mistakes today and that I AM NOT a mistake (most of time!)


3 thoughts on “1st Thursday of March

  1. Lisa,My heart broke when I read that you don't feel like you matter to your immediate family and questioning your lovablility. I have struggled with the same thing.I felt rejected most of my life.What I began to realize is that people can't give you what they don't have. If they have been rejected in their life they just pass it on to you. When I realized this….it began to set me free. I pray this for you, sweet one. I pray that God would reveal that "He loves You" and you are definitely lovable.Blessings,TammyBlessings,Tammy

  2. You matter not most BUT ALL THE TIME. Well I have the sam with my family of origin. Was hard to overcome. For me I needed to ponder:1. How much do I love and respect myself(cant expect someone else treats me this way if I dont do it myself)2. is it mostly my inner child or the adult who seeks the "impossible" if they simply arent able to genuine love. For me it was my inner child. I learned to co-parent my inner child. Still an ongoing process. As I never receievd affection and soothing, I had and still do learn how to do that.3. I accepted that I never will receive the love I deserve from my family of origin. Hard but ever since I feel better. I am not craving something anymore what is simply not available. Freed energy to care for myself differently as well as seeking friends on a different level. 4. Had to accept what I was seeking so desperately from my parents I couldnt deal with when meeting a very nourishing and caring man. A long way to go.Not sure if my 2 cents help on any way. Hugs, Paula

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