Phonetically spelled out it looks like this: gawr-juhs:

1:  splendid or sumptuous in appearance, coloring, etc.; magnificent.

2:  Informal . extremely good, enjoyable, or pleasant

So I just got to thinking about this word because it is used often in my photographs and I had to look it up.  I do this a lot now because I want to make sure I KNOW what words mean when people use them to describe my photos instead of just ‘think’ I know.  Wow. Gawrjuhs is a pretty phenomenal word I’d say to be using to describe anything I am doing so the fall back is it has got to be God…and yet the thoughts go to ‘yea but’…God isn’t down here holding the camera. Yea but God created that which I am photographing and so I can have this dialog going on in my head for the next five million decades plus eternity as well.  So I am okay with God creating all of it including me..I am okay with my photography being a gift and when the two collide maybe just maybe that is the part that is pure, one-hundred percent God because I am not in control of it at all…the place in me that does not understanding one bit; maybe that is the place where God, the “inner most being”, where God lives. The place of no control, no answers, where there is no understanding, where life and love and turmoil and unknowing happens….the place where GOD LIVES and when I grab my camera and I am ‘in the zone’ i get to live there for the moment…that is my bliss…my real-ationship with the MOST HIGH God and the MOST HIGH self….and i am sure coming to like her…and the beauty i and God together in that place create….

I took this with my old point and shoot last year. The title I gave it was “Spare A Nickel?”


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