1st Photo Show

Today was my first ever photo show and ya know what….it turned out soo good. People supporting me and loving me all over the country. People buying 2 of my framed 8 X 10’s and 2 of my 2011 calendars….actually getting paid for doing something I sooo love doing just still blows me away. And seeing a lady literally tear up from exciting at my squirrel picture…WOW!!! Take that every single person who said I would never amount to anything…I did it. Today is that start of many, many photo shows of that I am sure. Thank you Lynn Debeal and Barbara Weismann for making it such a special important even for me you will never know how important I felt today because of your efforts in making it such a big deal for me…muchos gracious big time to the both of you :=o) Love, blessings and PEACE to every single one of my peeps who prayed, offered encouragement and just was sooo kind to me this past week and today as well!! All of my networking success and all of the success today is due to all of you!! I love you Eve and could not have done this without you. ‘T’….what can I say?

I love you all very, very much!!


One thought on “1st Photo Show

  1. Lisa,
    I am so happy for you!! You are doing such a great job! I didn’t know you were making calendars, what a great idea!! I’m so glad to hear this went well for you. I pray you continue to have success with your photography! ❤

    ..Also, when I brought your blog up, my husband saw the picture at the top and said he really liked it. Thought I would let you know. 🙂

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